Desert Fruit Farms
City: Somerton, AZ,
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About Us
Three generations, along with our faithful employees, have participated in the growing of the beautiful date palm trees for two decades. Care for these amazing trees is performed by hand and extremely labor intensive. The hard work that is put into these trees daily, allows for an annual harvest that takes place August through October, depending on weather conditions.
Our Medjool dates are grown in the sunniest place on earth - Yuma, Arizona.
We are proud to provide delicious dates, grown on our family farm, where we are working hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with every bite. The goal at Desert Fruit Farms is to provide our customers a product that is fresh, nutritious, full of flavor and a joyful experience to consume.
We only utilize certified organic soil amendments and precious desert Colorado River water for production. Our organic Medjool dates are certified by CCOF.