Phoenix Pasta Company
City: Phoenix, AZ,
Email Address:
Phone: 602-675-2354
About Us
Phoenix Pasta was founded in July of 2020 with the idea to bring real homemade Italian style pasta to any, and all. For us that means 100% Certified Organic Non - GMO Stone Ground Semolina Flour, Organic eggs from hens that live, and roam free on the pasture, as well as extruding through water cooled bronze dies for that rough, porous surface texture that makes it soooo easy for that sauce to cling! Think were done, well, not yet; after the pasta has been nestled up in little nests for your eating pleasure, it is slow dried for 2 - 5 days before finding its way into a package, and to your plate. ZERO shortcuts are taken with our pasta!
Joe - the mastermind behind the pasta - has been in the restaurant industry for 18 years. Starting out like some as a dishwasher, Joe soon found his way to the front of the house as a barista, and eventually behind the stick, or bartending as it is commonly known. After spending the better part if those years slinging drinks, Joe along with many others, had his whole life swooped away by the Covid - 19 pandemic. Instead of resting on his laurels, Joe began chasing another dream, a pasta dream!