Honey Hive Farms
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About Us
Honey Hive Farms is a family-owned and operated honey bee farm that specializes in the sustainable production of high-quality honey and pollen products throughout the Valley.
Founded in 2011 by owners, Tim and Connie Moore, operations have expanded to include local, raw honey sales to individual consumers and small-scale business partners, and delivery of honey bee packages to beekeepers across the country. Master Beekeeper Connie also offers beekeeping education and in-hive experiences at our urban farm opened in Peoria in 2016.

We are dedicated to partnering with neighboring communities to raise awareness of the necessity of honey bees by providing hands-on beekeeping classes, honey processing and tasting demonstrations, and tours of our urban farm.

For more information on honey and pollen products, class schedules, and honey room hours, please visit our website at