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Our flagship store in Historic Downtown Chandler represents the epicenter of the Peixoto Coffee movement in Arizona. Located in the heart of our hometown city-center district, Peixoto Coffee is within walking distance of a myriad of artisan and craft businesses that lend a unique charm to this part of the greater Phoenix area. Our shop is surrounded by many shopping and dining opportunities, city services, and local activities. There is a little bit for everyone nearby. Whether you’re getting your morning started, enjoying some time with friends, or just hanging out downtown, be sure to stop in to say hello!Exceptional Microlot Coffees
Cultivating Quality
When most people think of coffee beans, the image that likely comes to mind are the small, brown, and aromatic end product of the coffee production process. However, specialty coffee beans are so much more than that. Many people don’t realize that producing specialty coffee is a very similar process to producing fine wine. As with high quality wines, high quality coffee begins with high quality fruit. Every individual coffee cherry, and the seeds (beans) encased within it, are unique specimens of nature. Just like wine grapes, their flavor profiles are heavily influenced by their varietal and their growing conditions. Altitude, soil, water, sunlight exposure, and temperature all play a critical role in shaping the complex chemical makeup of each developing coffee bean. With proper processing, handling, shipping, and roasting, the unique flavor characteristics of well-cared-for coffee beans will shine through in the cup of coffee brewed from them.
On the Peixoto family farm, there are over 18 distinct coffee plots. These plots (or “lavouras” as they are called in Portuguese) range in size from 2-15 hectares, and each supports coffee trees of a specific varietal growing in its own unique micro climate. Even adjacent plots of the same varietal can yield coffees of a remarkably different flavor profile due to the impact of these subtle differences in growing conditions. Not only do we find these unique attributes fascinating, we actively seek them out.
Upon commencement of the harvest in July, the targeted lots are watched very closely. Sugar content samples of the cherries in these lots are routinely taken in order to determine when they have arrived at their peak sweetness. Once this is has been determined, these cherries are harvested and moved to the drying patios. Here they are segregated by lots and laid out in meticulous rows where they will be turned continuously for the next 10-14 days. Sun drying under a warm Brazilian winter sun in this “Natural” processing method produces an exceptionally flavorful coffee.

Unlike the “Washed” processing method (where the fruits of the cherries are stripped off by water), the Natural process relies only on the sun to gently dry the cherries while preserving contact between the fruit sugars and the beans. As a result of this, the Natural process typically results in a sweeter, more complex coffee. Additionally, since the Washing process requires the use of a large amount of water (and leaves the resulting runoff water highly polluted), the environmental impact of processing coffees Naturally is significantly lower.
We at Peixoto Coffee are proud of what we have collectively created: a passionate community united by the coffee coming directly from our family farm in Brazil. We have chosen to challenge the practices in our industry that threaten the sustainability of the coffee industry and, instead, pave a new path forward based on sustainability, relationships, and quality. We would like to share some of the steps we’ve taken to lay the foundation for our business model and to guide a lot of the decisions we make in regards to the day-to-day operations of our business. Whether you are a retail customer, a wholesale customer, an employee, or just someone supporting us from afar, we thank you for supporting our vision and our stewardship of our company!